I fell down some stairs?

Another occasion calls for social drinking

As the night draws to an end I’m thinking,

I envy the freeness of the happy people

I scream a silent plea to land on deaf ears.

They have no idea of my inevitable fate

The feeling of horrified fear builds in my gut,

As the beer fades his attitude begins to change.

He’s angry at someone but it’s me who gets the glares

His jaw is clenched his knuckles are crunched,

Eyes dark as he gives me the blackest of stares.

We must leave now before he gets angrier

If a fight breaks out and he gets hurt,

It would be my fault and things much worse.

At home I hurry to hide in the safety of my bed

The covers pulled tight right around my head,

I pray that they shelter me and my swollen belly

From anything that may explode around us tonight.

To the soothing sound of tv through the ceiling,

I drift away as this has a great meaning

It means he’s in there at this hour likely sleeping.

I wake in mid air pulled tight by my hair

I feel a breeze move around me moments before

My head slams against a wall, my body falls.

As I crumple my ordeal is far from over

It’s just the start to bruise my body my broken heart.

It wasn’t like this before, especially at the start!

His fist is hard, with rings that show his worth

They make his blows much more traumatising.

I’d hoped with the baby he’d become more law-abiding

But the lumps and oozing blood soaking my head and face,

Show me he can’t from the law he’ll always be hiding.

My eyes now swollen shut block my sight

I can’t see I miss the blow that puts out my lights

He sees me and panics, it’s too much, this time it was manic!

I can hear outside my body, he finally speaks.

“What did you make me do? It’s okay Baby I’ll get you help

Ambulance..there’s been an accident, my wife she’s pregnant!

She’s knocked out, yes I think she’s breathing.

She fell down some stairs.



Such a short time you have lived

many lessons you have learned.

Not yet adult but no longer child

stuck in limbo between what was

and what is yet to be.

Yet you must not stoop you have to stand tall

stand tall and grow strong through it all.

Many hard times are ahead

please don’t hide away in your bed.

Pull yourself up and say

look out world I’m coming for you today.

Do not fear do not pout

we are here to help you out.

life is such a precious gift

these tough times will soon drift.

Happiness will soon be found, past the horizon

just through that dark cloud.

Your mind will travel far and wide

but there is a light on the other side.

Please remember we burst with pride

to have such amazing girls at our side.

We want to scream and shout so loud

just look world at the adults we’ve found.

They have travelled far and wide

and beat off demons that clung to their side.

They have learned so much grown so bright

now they stand in a blinding light.

We knew they could we knew they would.

They’ve fought so hard and have become

all grown up now adolescence is finally


This Town

Thanks for joining me!

Here is a poem that I started writing a many years ago when I was around 17 and in an abusive relationship. I couldn’t even begin to realise exactly the effects this would have on my and my children’s lives!

Years later I finally got it down on paper for an e-book describing a day in the life of a Welsh Woman’s aid worker.

This Town
I’m just trying to get by in this town,
I think I’m going to die in this town,
I think people want to know me,
But they just want to own me.
I won’t be used like that,
I don’t care if I break my back,
When they try to pull me down, I’ll push back,
Push back till something snaps,
I’ll be standing tall in the midst of it all.
Without a scowl or a frown,
I refuse to be taken down,
But the day will come, the devil I will meet,
I’ll get knocked down right here on my street,
As all that I know is changed in a beat.
Eventually breaking point will be reached,
A time will come for me to weep,
My body will tremble as my mind grows weak,
But I shall never let my soul be breeched.
By Rebecca Coombs.